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Hakari Cosmetics, a multinational company, created to innovate the hair cosmetics market, generating real solutions for the hair professional. Our factory is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which has more than 20 years of experience in developing and creating hair cosmetic projects. We are the best, first and only company in the world that uses the "TRIPLE COMPLEX PROTEIN" system, TRIPLE COMPLEX OF PROTEINS, which become us pioneers in terms of hair restructuring and alignment, thus ensuring real and lasting results to all our clients. TRIPLE COMPLEX PROTEIN is the only and best system of amino acids or weight molecules created to work simultaneously in a triangular format, acting from the inside of the Cortex to the Cuticle. Its formula is composed of: The Micros Proteins that contain AMINO ACIDS OR LOW WEIGHT MOLECULES, whose function is to recover the Microfibril. Medium proteins, known as QUATERNIZED KERATIN, which are responsible for the recovery of the Macrofibril. And finally, there is HYDROLYZED KERATIN, which is responsible for the recovery of the cuticle and capillary alignment.